Learning Street Self Defense increases your odds of walking away from a risky situation and getting home to your family.

In the Self Defense training program you will learn how to use your emotions to your advantage when faced in a risky encounter and how to defend yourself in a physical confrontation if needed. The program teaches effective Self Defense techniques that will help give you the advantage in a risky situation, regardless your age, shape or size against an attacker. Fear and anger can be one of your best allies and can be a source of power that can be used in defense. Learning how to defend yourself increases your odds of getting to safety. Self Defense can help you become more confident and develop skills that you can use throughout your life.

Goal is to be aware and to avoid potentially dangerous situations which is the true emphasis of Self Defense. However, if a situation is unavoidable you will learn self defense strategies that consist of de-escalation of a threat or attack, self preservation and defensive strategies. You will learn strikes, kicks, joint manipulations, and increasing the odds of surviving impact or bladed weapons.